Church History



St. Irene Catholic Community of Faith has served the residents of Warrenville and its surrounding area for more than 90 years.  

From its first Mass, said in the Warrenville Schoolhouse in 1927, St. Irene has nurtured the light of Christ in its parishioners and brought the spirit of Jesus to the entire community.


Our Parish History -- A Timeline

St. Irene began as a Mission Church of Sts. Peter and Paul Church in Naperville under Fr. Bernard Laukemper.


May 5, 1927 The first official Mass for the now established Mission of Sts. Peter and Paul was said at the Warrenville School House by Fr. B. J. Schuette.
June 9, 1927 A new temporary church was completed on Aurora Road across from the Warrenville Cemetery for an estimated $3,500.
September 1, 1927 A new church, now to be called St. Irene, was planned by Fr. Laukemper. Cost of construction is recorded as $35,000.
1930 Fr. F. X. Harnischmacher is named the first pastor. He purchased the current St. Irene Property on September 9, 1932, 3.75 acres for $5,000. The church was erected on the new property, and the rectory was built at about the same time. A. C. Stier became the second Pastor of St. Irene Church.
1952 St. Irene School was established with School Sisters of St. Francis.
March 1, 1959 A campaign to build a Convent began.
1961 The convent designed for the sisters is added to the parish complex. It now serves as the Parish Center.
1966 Fr. R. Stonich became the third Pastor of St. Irene Church.
1970 Fr. G. Mahoney became the fourth Pastor of St. Irene Church.
1975 Fr. C. Van Duren became the fifth Pastor of St. Irene Church.
1982 Fr. J. Sloan became the sixth Pastor of St. Irene Church.
1983 Fr. Gerald Riva became the seventh Pastor of St. Irene Church.
1986 Fr. Gerald Riva confers with Paul Harding, architect, concerning the design of a new church.
1987 Fr. Tom Corbino becomes the eighth pastor of St. Irene.
September 11, 1987 A new Advisory Committee is formed and includes the new church on its first agenda.
January 15, 1988 Fr. Tom announces to the Advisory Committee that Paul Harding is now drawing up preliminary drawings for the new church building, which were presented to the Advisory Committee on March 6, 1988.
April 30, 1990 Town Hall Meeting in the church with the architect, fundraisers, pastor, and Administration Commission (formally the Advisory Committee) to allow parishioner input before the final blueprints are drawn.
 June 19, 1994  Fr. Tom Corbino, Pastor, Paul Harding, Architect, Pat Vacala, General Contractor, and the parishioners hold a ground breaking ceremony and picnic on the future church building site.
 September 1, 1995 Last Mass celebrated in the old church and a special prayer service of "Farewell" is conducted in the evening as the doors are sealed.
 September 2, 1995

Bishop Joseph L. Imesch dedicates the new church of St. Irene.

 May 4, 1997 St. Irene Parish celebrates the 70th Anniversary of the first Mass celebrated at the Warrenville School House.
 June 25, 1999  Rev. James Antiporek becomes ninth pastor of St. Irene Church.
 March 2010 St. Irene Parish pays off its mortgage on the church after a three year capital campaign that raised more than a million dollars.
March - April 2020

Church operates under restrictions due to COVID-19, cancelling masses, including Holy Week/Easter masses. Masses and liturgies are livestreamed on Facebook and YouTube

June 2020 Fr. Clive Otieno named the 10th pastor of St. Irene Church
September 6, 2020

Fr. Clive installed as pastor of St. Irene Church with an Installation Mass with Diocese of Joliet Apostolic Administrator Bishop Richard Pates.  Also celebrated at this mass was the 25th anniversary of the consecration of the current church.

May 2020  St. Irene School closes, after nearly 70 years of service to the community.