Staff Directory


Rev. Clive Otieno - Pastor

Ext. 113 


Deacon Brad Hentz


Deacon Joe Urso

Ext. 147


Dr. Annette Kubalanza - Pastoral Associate

Ext. 122


Ryan Rump - Music Director

Ext. 118 


Fred Schlick - Business Manager

Ext. 114



Pat Jackowiak - Administrative Assistant

Ext. 110


Yvonne Aronda - Administrative Assistant

Ext. 110


Pamela Keating - RE Coordinator 7th & 8th Grade

Ext. 120


RE Coordinator 1st through 6th Grade

Ext. 120



Maggie Detwiler - Principal, St. Irene Catholic School

Ext. 136


Julie Duquette - Administrative Assistant, St. Irene Catholic School

Ext. 116





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